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Irma Update, One Year Hence…

September 6th, 2018

To the Friends of Bitter End,

It is hard to believe that one year ago today, Hurricane Irma made landfall at Bitter End causing catastrophic damage to our property and that of our friends and neighbors throughout the BVI and Caribbean. For the past year, we’ve been focused on helping our community recover while at the same time investing significant resources in the remediation of and planning for the redevelopment of BEYC. While all good things take time, we know that Bitter End 2.0 (as we like to call it) will be even better than before, and we can’t wait to once again share the BEYC spirit with all of our friends and family!

We are profoundly grateful and humbled by the care and concern of our community, a group that has demonstrated great generosity and steadfast support during the past year. With your help, we have raised over $800,000 for projects to assist in the recovery of Virgin Gorda and the BVI, and while the territory has shown extraordinary resilience and spirit in the face of enormous hardship, there remains need for ongoing support and aid. We are committed to the long-term wellbeing of one of the most special places on earth and we will continue to invest in initiatives focused on education, the environment, healthcare and the stewardship of our oceans and surrounding communities. Your generosity is instrumental in making these initiatives possible.

During our clean-up, we came across a bunch of BEYC loot that we know is near and dear to all of our hearts. So in the spirit of marking the one-year anniversary of Irma, on September 17, we will launch our first ever online auction of treasured Bitter End memorabilia; 100% of the auction proceeds will support projects to restore and enhance the lives of Virgin Gordians. We’ll offer our classic, oxidized copper room numbers as well as some very cool wooden breezeway signs…if you have a strong affinity for cottage 14 North, it can be yours, while at the same time you’ll be giving back to the community! Check out our Facebook page here for the inside scoop on what may be included in the auction.

We remain eternally grateful to the Bitter End family of guests and friends from around the globe. Thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you ashore again soon. Now…let’s get bidding!

Fair Winds,

The Hokin Family

P.S. And don’t forget, during the run up to BEYC 2.0, please help us at #BringBackBitterEnd by getting out your favorite Bitter End gear, wearing it and using it on the water. Then share the fun with us on Facebook and stay tuned for updates on Bitter End’s comeback and some exciting new announcements!