Rendezvous, Flotillas & Club Cruises

Rendezvous, Flotillas & Club Cruises

Those in the know on the water, know Bitter End.


Bitter End is world-renowned as a boater’s haven, making it the ultimate destination for a rendezvous. Our resort allows for a unique mix of work and play–where work means meeting beachside, and play can mean hosting your own regatta on the North Sound.

Discover why many yacht-makers (Swan, Tiara, Jeanneau, Hatteras and Oyster and more) gather here several times a year to showcase their fleets and meet with clients and industry leaders.

Flotillas & Club Cruises

Creating experiences for family and friends on the water is what Bitter End does best. So why not up the ante and host a flotilla off our shores amidst your BVI cruise? Set your home base at Bitter End and explore the sound with like-minded boaters. We’ll help you plan all the details, from charting map points to what goes in the cooler. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the company and the views.

To begin planning your own rendezvous, reach out to our private event planner.