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Bitter End is known for its connection to the sea, but our commitment to having fun ashore is just as fervent. Between our rollicking nautical village and beautiful natural coastline, you’ll find ample entertainment for sailors and landlubbers alike.


Bitter End’s diverse collection of restaurants and our sea-to-table culinary philosophy attract visitors from far and wide. We’re also home to the North Sound’s oldest watering hole and the coolest sunken ship turned beach bar in the Caribbean.

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True to its outpost roots, Bitter End always has the provisions you need to stock your galley or refrigerator at The Market. Need beach, sail or watersports wear? Simply swing by Reeftique to find everything you need for having fun in, on or by the water.

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Bitter End offers a refreshing take on luxury that encourages a sense of adventure, a connection to nature, the art of play and a slower pace of life.  Each day is an opportunity to spend exactly as you’d like, and to do as much, or as little, as you desire. 

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