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We be ‘Ramblin…

November 14th, 2018

When Hurricanes Maria and Irma hit Bitter End, our property was devastated, and so were we. Nothing makes us happier than welcoming our family and friends (and friends who are family) ashore. But the support we received from our community worldwide was incredible. And as the well wishes rolled in, so did the questions:

Would Bitter End Yacht Club rebuild?
You bet! Say hello soon to Bitter End 2.0.

When can we come back?
It’s looking like we will have the marina and waterfront open in 2019 with the remainder of the property to follow!

How can we help the Bitter End and Virgin Gorda community?
Via our Bitter End Foundation. 

And perhaps most pressingly…

How can I get my hands on a BEYC hat?

The last query got us laughing—and thinking. Our friends couldn’t come to Bitter End, but we could still bring Bitter End to them. Plus, producing Bitter End gear would be a great way to continue to support the Virgin Gorda community.

And thus, Bitter End Provisions was born. Aiming to provide our crew with gear for their next adventure, our launch collection includes everything from tech apparel to pet accessories, custom SUP boards and more. Most importantly, every piece is tested at sea and is designed to work hard. “Seaworthy goods” that have been approved by our crew.

Still, we needed a home for Provisions. Sure, we knew we would eventually launch online, but that didn’t solve the problem of missing our friends. Always up for a new adventure, we decided to DIY a 1973 Holiday Rambler—a vintage cross-country camper—and we filled it to the brim with Bitter End gear. Then, we traded the high seas for U.S. highways. We sought out our kindred spirits at boat shows up and down the east coast.

And we had a ton of fun doing it! Our mobile home away from home has quickly become the place to swap stories and talk sailing. We’ve poured rum with Don Q. in Newport and Dogfish in Annapolis (yes, they have rum and of course their tasty beer too!). We’ve fielded an endless number of thumbs up through windows as we roll down the interstate. If it can’t be Bitter End, then we’re awfully lucky to have the Bitter End Rambler.

Naturally, when people spot us at the shows, there are more questions. “What is the status of BEYC? When will you be open again?” Big questions with long answers. In brief, we are hard at work on phase 1, with an eye toward having the waterfront open in 2019. That would include the marina and mooring field, beaches, watersports center, and of course a beach bar. As a starting place, we’re are heading back to our roots as a yachtsmen’s retreat, geared toward the needs of boat visitors. Further hotel and resort development will take place through 2020.

Until then, we’ll be on the road and on our new website,, bringing seaworthy goods to our friends around the land. And we’ll be sure to keep you posted with all BEYC 2.0 updates and future Rambler sightings here on the blog. Posts, like our gear, are guaranteed to pair well with a bit of rum.

Ok, time to ramble on. See you soon.

–The Bitter End Crew