Milestone Family Events

Milestone Family Events

“Thank you for all the life-long memories BEYC, we will be back!”

TripAdvisor Guest

The Hokin family originally envisioned Bitter End as a personal family retreat. Since then, it has organically evolved into a magical space used by many families to celebrate life’s milestone moments.

From multi-generational reunions to intimate first (or 81st!) birthday parties, Bitter End’s singular dedication to family makes it ideal for hosting gatherings with attendees of all ages. Children can partake in sandcastle competitions and learn to sail, while adults can enjoy every amenity, including spa services, windsurfing and relaxing sunset sails.

Experiencing this extraordinary place together forges deeper familial bonds. In fact, many families return again and again to mark additional milestones over the years.

To get started, explore MilestoneCelebrations@BitterEndYachtClub or contact our private event planner. We look forward to helping you create what will be incredible family memories.