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A Blank Canvas

November 26th, 2018

Mother Nature delivered a very blunt message when she sent Irma to tell us just what she thought of the “improvements” that we had made over the past 40-plus years to her 64-acre masterpiece that we call Bitter End. And, for punctuation, she left us with 3,000 tons of debris. Today, Irma’s footprints no longer dominate the scenery, North Sound and its environs are as beautiful as ever, but Mother Nature’s message still rings loud and clear along our path to BEYC 2.0.

During my recent visit to the property, charter yachts cruised along the shoreline, crews probably reminiscing about the BEYC that was etched into their memories – the Clubhouse, the Lobby Building, the Watersports Kiosk, the Pub, the Emporium… – all now replaced by open space, a blank canvas, and Mother Nature’s challenge to stay on her good side.

Many of you have kept up with BEYC through blog posts, social media and visits with us at the fall boat shows; and many of you generously have pitched in to support our team and the BVI community through these trying times. So, it may come as no surprise that the Hokins and the team have been working enthusiastically and diligently to remediate the 64 acres and its shoreline; and to launch BEYC 2.0. You also should know that from the moment they arrived at Bitter End 36 hours after Irma passed through, the Hokins were determined to turn Mother Nature’s fury into an opportunity.

You may ask, “why?” It’s because, along with you, the Hokins share the belief that Bitter End is a place and a state of mind that transcends manmade structures. We recently reached out to over 20,000 past resort and yachting visitors with a very comprehensive survey, seeking their thoughts in shaping BEYC 2.0’s course. Many of the responders have written lengthy and heartfelt comments attesting to Bitter End’s transcendent place in their lives. From the beginning, our guests always have been the energy that drives Bitter End, shapes its future and makes it constantly an exciting work-in-process. That won’t change with Bitter End 2.0.

Soon, we thoughtfully and carefully will be placing brush strokes on that blank canvas, so keeping in touch with you will become even more important. The imminent introduction of our lifestyle brand, Bitter End Provisions, is a harbinger of things to come as BEYC 2.0 takes shape. Please join us at #BringBackBitterEnd, keep wearing your Bitter End gear wherever you go, and be on the lookout for the exciting BEYC apparel and gear that’s coming with the launch of Provisions. Still, the best day of all will be when we can welcome you back ashore at Bitter End.

–John G