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Open daily

The Emporium offers a great selection of packaged liquor, drinks, fresh fruit, vegetables, steaks, fish, and frozen items. Freshly baked bread and pastries arrive at 10:00 each morning from our own Winston Butler’s Bakery. Other cruising needs include fresh water and ice, canned and many dry kitchen staples, paper goods, and dishwashing liquid. Place orders 48 hours in advance and pick them up when you arrive in North Sound. To place your order, hail us on VHF Channel 16, or call the Emporium at 284-393-2745.

key lime pie_1Winston Butler’s Bakery

Open daily

Place your order from the menu below by hailing us on VHF Channel 16, or calling 284-494-2746. Are you celebrating a special occasion? From key lime pie to a cake of any flavor in nearly any shape, Chef Winston has been creating desserts for celebrations for years! Special orders must be placed 48 hours in advance.


Bakery Menu

Breads and Rolls Breakfast Pastries
BEYC Bread $3.50 ea Sweet Roll $1.50 ea
Biscuit $1.50 ea Muffin $1.00 ea
Banana Bread $8.00 ea Croissants $1.50 ea
Baguette $3.00 ea Sticky Buns $1.50 ea
Sandwich Rolls $4.75 6/pk Apple Turnovers $1.50 ea
Hamburger Bun $5.25 6/pk Crullers $1.50 ea
Hot Dog Roll $3.90 6/pk
Rye Bread $5.25 ea Cookies
Whole Wheat Bread $4.65 ea Coconut Macaroons $3.00 4/pk
Vienna Bread $2.50 ea Jumbo Cookie $2.75 ea
Croutons $3.00 pk
Onion Walnut Bread $5.25 ea Cakes
Mini Cakes $4.25 ea
Pies Birthday Cake 6” $40.00 ea
Key Lime Pie* 8" $25.00 ea Birthday Cake 8” $50.00 ea
Key Lime Pie* 10” $30.00 ea Birthday Cake 10” $85.00 ea
Pecan Pie $25.00 ea Decorated Yellow Layer Cake 6” $40.00 ea
Pecan Tartlets $3.00 ea Decorated Yellow Layer Cake 8" $50.00 ea
Apple Pie $20.00 ea Decorated Yellow Layer Cake 10” $85.00 ea
Hot Cross Buns $1.70 ea
Stollen $8.00 ea

*Bitter End’s signature pie prices subject to change

Other cake flavors include chocolate mousse, carrot, chocolate and banana, and are available for an additional $15.00 per cake. Please inquire at the Front Desk for pricing and availability.


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